PAS5W0RD: Level 00 – SMS

I love puzzles, riddles, secrets stuff; and I’ve just discovered that we can restrict the access to some posts with: Password!

WhooOOOOooo….. It sounds like a game goal.

We have comments, which could be our leaderboard: First to find the password of a post, first to be able to leave a comment (even blank for shy).

Now we just need enigmas, which give you, the password to open the next post (our levels).

It could be a “blog game”. Not a blog about a game, but a game inside a blog. It’s a… “Glog” !? (Well, I know…)
Let’s start with a very simple one, just to see if it works:

Hint: You’re looking for a color, five letters.

iPhone SMS

The “Level 01″ comes tomorrow, be the first to enter the right PAS5WORD (without uppercase) to open it and discover the next enigma!

Have fun!

Drop me comments to share your thoughts (too easy, too hard, not fun enough, it dosen’t work because…) but, DON’T POST THE ANSWER :) !!!

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  1. Excellent!! I love this idea of GLOG!! it’s a great idea!

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