Prototype #01

A couple of years ago I read ‘On Writing‘ by Stephen King. I’ve been surprised to discover how King wrote most of his novels: He starts with some characters in a regular situation, adds a disruptive element, then he lets the situation evolves and writes what he observes without any predefined plan or plot in mind.

I’m wondering if something similar could be applied to interactive content? What if I’d spend 2 hours on a prototype each week,¬†writing some code without any predefined goal? Adding new ingredients or iterating on the existing ones only based on observations from the previous build?

I started to put basic ingredients together to see what could emerge from them. Once I got a build, the first thing I wanted to try was to put a playable prototype directly inside a post.

I had the chance to start a Unity training recently. I used some of the techniques I learned from this course as starting material: A movable entity and a basic AI with 3 states: Idle, follow and chase.

Build notes: You can control the blue cube with the directional arrows and spawn some ‘enemies’ with the space bar. The green cube follows you but it’s going to try to destroy red cubes as soon as they appear.


How many red cubes do you think you can manage to keep ‘alive’? For how long?


PS: Some interesting excerpts from ‘On Writing’ here.

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