Qualifying 2010

My ears are still whistling…

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… But I love that!

Tomorrow, the race!

Good morning !

… And good night…

Life in boxes

Just a little post to explain why nothing happened here for a while…

We (my wife and I) were pretty busy to build a new life project for our family.

In the last 3 month, I’ve :

  • Finished my apartment’s renovation
  • Quit my job
  • Sold my apartment
  • Prepared my immigration to Canada
  • Sold my car
  • Sold, gave or thrown away almost half of my stuff
  • …and packed the rest !

So now, all my “material life” is in boxes. And weirdly, I feel… happy !

I’ve juste realized how your stuff can enslave you in a daily routine, and how good it is to break it !


Kaboom !

It’s holidays, it’s time to make some explosions !

I love visual Fx, especially pyrotechnic stuff. It’s a kind of… Hobby :) .

For a personal video project I need to build a nuclear explosion… But, I didn’t found a really good (and free) tutorial on Maya Fluid for nuclear explosion purpose…

So, I decided to dive in documentation and make some tries !

Here’s the first one.

Obviously, it doesn’t look like a nuclear mushroom yet, but comments are welcome (as a good nuclear tutorial link !).

Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays and Happy New Year !

Stop !